JK Coil Over Towers         Part No. TRB-S-JK-ST Built for use with:
  • 12 In Coil Overs
  • 1.5” Spacing for
    • ​2.5” Coil Overs
    • ​2.0” Coil Overs with Wide Spacers
    • ​ORI Struts with spacers for 1.5”
3.5-4” Lift Built in tab for limiting strap Fully welded upper tower Lower mount bolt re-oriented to eliminate binding Leaves room for 2” air bump   This is a weld on kit and will require welding and cutting, different combinations may require more fabrication.   The stock shock and coil mount will need to be removed from the frame and the inner fender liner will need to be modified for tower clearance.  This kit works with stock axles as well as aftermarket heavy duty setups.