Tribe MFG Toyota Tacoma 2005-2015, 4 Runner 2003-2009 Molle Panel Tac Back Kits – 1ea.


Tribe MFG JK Molle Panel Tac Back 1 Ea.
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T-16 Tac-Back Molle Panel
The Tac-Back is the simplest Molle panel, simply slipping over your seats head rest and securing at the base with a bungy under your seat.  Quick access to your easily organizable and infinitely customizable storage bags and pouches, right behind your seat. Sold Individually, one panel, one seat.

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T-16 Molle Panels
Molle stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment and is a universal system used by armed forces all over the world for storage and transport. Introduced in the late 90’s the use of Molle rigs, bags and pouches have spawned countless companies to make products that use this universal webbing attachment system.

The Tribe 16 Molle panel is the next generation in vehicular storage that utilizes this modular technology to create almost endless storage possibilities to otherwise unused space. We took it one step further and added slotted holes that fit several popular tool attachment systems and liquid carrying packs, to further their utility.

All steel construction and sturdy all weather coating make the Tribe 16 Molle panel the perfect choice for rigs with or without tops. The most popular things mounted to our panels are, first aid kits, camping gear, hydration packs, recovery equipment, fire extinguishers, flash lights, or anything you can fit into a Molle bag or pouch. Whether you’ll need it on the trail, or you just want to be prepared for everyday life, be better prepared with Tribe 16 Molle Panels.

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Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 36 × 18 × 6 in


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