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A common ground, a common culture, a common road, OFF ROAD….

More than just a race team.

Tribe’s pedigree is racing. Widely known for the Ultra 4 cars built and prepped here, racing is in our blood, but we don’t just build race cars. We use the knowledge gained from late nights in the shop and long days in the desert and mountains to build amazing Jeeps and buggies, built to get you where you want to go and how you want to get there.

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More than just an off-road shop.

Lift kits, gears and locker, wheels and tires, we do all of that, but the secret to building a rig that truly works for what you want to do with it is finding the combination of parts that will help you reach your goal for the vehicle. Years of doing just that has led us to manufacture our own products to fill certain need with in the industry.

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