LJ Transformed: Tribe Off-Road Ignites Off-Road Passion

LJ Transformed: Tribe Off-Road Ignites Off-Road Passion

Tribe Builds a Magnificent Red and Bronze Finished Jeep LJ: From Stock LJ to Off-Road Beast




From Stock LJ to Off-Road Beast: Tribe16 Builds Top Of The Line Jeep LJ 

Ever dreamed of a Jeep that can seamlessly transition from highway cruising to conquering off-road trails? The team at Tribe Offroad has turned that dream into reality with this incredible custom-built LJ.

This project car started as a stock flame-red LJ, but Tribe didn't waste any time transforming it into a firecracker (quite literally). Let's take a peek under the hood (and everywhere else) to see what makes this machine tick.


custom engine rebuild by tribe-16 the jeep is red and the accents are bronze

Under the Hood Muscle

Tribe went all out under the hood with an L87 engine, a 10-speed automatic, and a 2-speed Advance Adapters Atlas transfer case for serious gear reduction. ARB’s dual air compressor supplies air for the ARB lockers and airing up tires, while a PSC hydroboost setup with a remote reservoir provides finger-tip steering control. A custom-built washer bottle by Tribe16 makes room for their large dual-fan radiator combo to keep the engine cool. Speartech keeps everything talking with a custom engine and transmission management harness.


 tribe-16 custom A red Jeep Wrangler with off-road modifications, including a winch, lifted suspension, and large tires. The Jeep is parked on dirt, suggesting it is ready for off-roading.


Front End by Poison Spider & Warn Industries

The front end features a Warn Zeon 10 winch with Factor 55 E-link mounted on a Poison Spyder bumper. There’s also an air chuck to inflate tires from the ARB compressor system. An Alpine front rock camera helps with navigating tight trails.


Wide Open Design Suspension & Spidertrax Axles

For tackling any terrain, Tribe built a 3-link front and triangulated 4-link rear suspension with 14” Fox 2.5 coilovers with DSC adjusters from [invalid URL removed] and Magnitude springs. Sway bars in the front and rear keep the Jeep stable, while 2.25” lower links and 2” upper links made from 7075 aluminum by Wide Open Design provide strength and adjustability.

The axles are top-shelf Spidertrax 4” Pro Series housings and knuckles with 40-spline shafts. Branik Motorsports built custom unit bearings in the front to allow for Yukon lockout hubs. The gears are Gearworks 10.5 high-pinion units with ARB lockers for maximum traction.


A red Jeep LJ with a flame red and highland bronze paint job with its hood open in a garage. The Jeep has aftermarket bumpers, a winch, lifted suspension, and large tires. It also has a custom cage and interior with PRP seats. Tribe Offroad logos are visible throughout the vehicle.


Steering by PSC & Brakes by Wilwood

PSC provides the muscle to turn the massive 42-inch Red Label Krawler tires mounted on Trail Ready beadlocks. Their big-bore steering gear and high-volume pump work with a PSC cylinder to provide easy steering control. Wilwood 6-piston calipers provide ample stopping power.


Genright High Fenders & Rock Crawler Tank

Genright supplied the high fenders in the front and rear, which were hung on Genright tracer corners to maximize wheelbase. Genright’s tracer sliders and rock crawler fuel tank, specially designed for the extended wheelbase, complete the underbody protection.


A close-up of the interior of a red Jeep Wrangler, showing the steering wheel, dashboard console, and front seats. The Jeep has aftermarket seats with harnesses, a custom steering wheel, a large touchscreen in the center console, and various switches and gauges.

Interior Comfort & Safety by PRP & More

The Tribe16 family cage add-on with a rock top keeps everyone safe. PRP provided custom Enduro seats with harnesses for both the front and rear passengers.

A Tribe custom console houses a Kenwood race radio, an 8-circuit Switch Pro panel to control lights and winching, and a ZL1 shifter integrated with a custom boot that matches the custom steering wheel. Carolina Metal Masters built a firecracker red grab handle with large Ram mounts for a big GPS unit.

A 7” Alpine screen displays the front and rear rock cameras and feeds the sound system. AutoMeter gauges provide vital engine data in a custom dash. 


For ultimate control and peace of mind on the trails, we upgraded the gauge cluster with AutoMeter's Pro Comp Ultra Lite gauges. This complete set provides all the essential engine data in a clear and easy-to-read format. The pre-made TJ/LJ bezel by AutoMeter ensures a clean and professional installation, so you can focus on the adventure ahead.


gauge cluster tribe-16 pro comp ultra

Firecracker Red Finish 

Beauty and Brains. The fiery red and highland bronze paint job isn't just for show. It complements the rugged good looks of the custom cage, Gen Right high fenders, and poison spider bumpers. 

 red and bronze accent on a jeep with custom tribe logo


Versatility at its Finest

One of the most impressive aspects of this build is how Tribe16 seamlessly blended aftermarket parts with original Jeep components. This means the LJ retains its ability to use stock parts, making maintenance and repairs a breeze.

Whether you're cruising down the highway with the top down or scaling a rocky incline, this Tribe-built LJ is ready for anything you throw at it.

So, if you're looking for inspiration for your next Jeep project, or simply want to marvel at a truly remarkable off-road machine, be sure to check out the full video from Tribe16 Off-road.